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About FoodCap

In 2004 FoodCap came into existence, with a contract to design and built a fully integrated central processing and distribution plant in New Zealand. The plant is a multi-species operation handling beef, pork, lamb and chicken, with a separate seafood operation being added several year later.
The plant was unlike any other case-ready meat plant due to the use of the company’s food capsules, which are a bulk handling container developed by FoodCap. Food capsules are used internally at the primal meat handling end of the supply chain and externally for the secure distribution of retail case-ready consumer packed meat to supermarkets.
The use of capsules have enabled high levels of software and automation to be deployed, delivering a reduced physical footprint, reduced levels of labour and handling and the near elimination of single use packaging.
From 2005 to 2012 the company’s focus was primarily centred on maintaining the system 24 hours a day 364 days a year, to ensure peak performance, quality and cost efficiency is maintained.
In mid-2012 FoodCap began an extensive R&D program to redevelop the company’s technologies Primal Handling technologies, which has resulted in the development of the second generation system, which FoodCap launched at IFFA Frankfurt in May this year.