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FoodCap Innovation

Capsulated Handling

Consumers are increasingly demanding a wider variety of higher quality products that are quality assured, fully traceable and delivered through environmentally sustainable supply chains.

The FoodCap Primal Handling system is an alternative to traditional vacuum packing or mixed gas flushing systems for handling fresh chilled primal, sub primal and meat trim. The system naturally optimises meat freshness and quality during storage, ageing and transportation.

FoodPac enables:

  • Reduced handling
  • Opportunities to automate logistics
  • Improved product security
  • Transportation efficiency
  • Less transport-specific packaging.

Boneless meat is packed in a capsule and placed under mechanical compression, forcing the meat cuts together and maintaining a compressive force against all the cut surfaces of the meat. This immobilises the loosely bound fluids in the meat, countering capillary action that draws fluids to the surface.

Bone-in meat is packed on shelves in the capsule to reduce the weight of other primal cuts pressing down. Capsules are placed under deep vacuum and a range of mixed gas formulations can be used to create an anaerobic storage environment.