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Primal Handling

Capsules are used to transfer chilled meat from boning rooms to the start of packing lines where bulk meat is converted into case-ready consumer or valve added product. The system enables meat quality to be optimised during storage, ageing and transport.

Today meat processors are grappling with many challenges including:

  • Maximising VOP (value of product), to improve profitability.
  • The challenge of improving processing efficiency throughout the network of processing plants.
  • Liberating capital and reducing duplicated processes through the network.
  • Automating processes to eliminate labour costs and potential hygiene issues through human contact with the product.
  • Extending fresh chilled meat product shelf life, without compromising quality..
  • Reducing processing bottlenecks during peak season, to optimise the processing capacity balance killing capacity, labour capacity, processing and equipment capacity, storage capacity).
  • Reducing single use packaging and its associated costs.
  • Reducing rework due to vacuum packaging leakers.

FoodCap Primal Handling can help processors begin to address these operational limitations.