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FoodCap Primal Handling addresses the following core issues:

  1. Food safety is delivered through dramatically reducing human contact with the primal meat.
  2. Microbial development is reduced through superior control of temperature fluctuations in the cold chain. 
  3. Capsules provide an anaerobic environment delivering microbial control equivalent to vacuum packing.
  4. Product traceability is delivered via the capsule RFID management system.
  5. Primal meat packaging is totally eliminated including vacuum packs, cartons, crates, wrap, liners, strapping, soaker pads, pallets,
  6. Enables automation that is difficult with traditional approaches, reducing labour and multiple product handling,
  7. Reduced occupational health and safety incidents due to the significant reduction in bending, lifting and carrying,
  8. Product yield (and gross margin) per kg can be improved due to more effectively controlling primal meat evaporative and drip loss.